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Questions & Answers

Q: Which batteries are the right ones? A: We use Interstate Batteries. We like the product and the warranty.

Q:Solar Panels, Inverter and charger? A: every package is different. You have to calculate how many watts you need and use in your rig. Just remember an Inverter also will use power from the solar system.

Q:Roof care?: A: every Summer is good to check your roof. We use roof tape for big holes, Dicor self leveling and roof coating. 

Q: Appliances service?: A: an RV needs more care than a house. Vacuuming the furnace, water heater, behind the refrigerator will help to keep them working properly.

Q:Leveling jacks service?: A: Always lubricate them, specially if you like camping at the Coast.

Q: Water leaks? A: Identify them before it's too late. Damaged wood is very expensive to replace. hoses and connectors are in general made of plastic.

Q: What about my sewer system care? A: Plastic pipes are fragile, don't use strong chemicals. If you don't use toilet paper you will avoid clogs, otherwise use an easy to dissolve RV toilet paper. Clogs not only damage your sewer system, also it damages your sensors.

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